Valentines Day: 1 Day Left!

13 February, 2015

How fast is this month going by! If you’re anything like us, you know how much sending a bouquet of flowers to someone you love can mean. Whether it’s a symbol of love, or a sign of gratitude, Valentines is the perfect day to say it.

Here at College Road Florists, we’re still taking orders online and by phone. We’re looking out for you just like you’re looking out for your loved one.

So with only one day left, now is the time to order the perfect bouquet! Our team of experts arrange and style each bouquet of premium flowers, we've got you covered for a perfect Valentine’s gift.

See our selection of Valentine arrangements here!

Let Love Bloom

12 February, 2015

Our hand-tied bouquets are designed to make your special someone blush and swoon this Valentine’s Day!

Nothing is more charming than an elegant, stylish arrangement of fresh flowers, tailored with your satisfaction in mind. Sparks will fly and love will bloom in every last petal.

The Perfect Surprise

11 February, 2015

Whether your plans for Valentine’s Day include; breakfast in bed, a romantic dinner, cosy cuddling and a movie - a bouquet of fresh flowers hand-tied by us is the perfect addition to your special day!

Nothing says affection like a sweet surprise of vibrant flowers; watch their eyes light up and feel their heart flutter with joy with one of our gorgeous hand tied arrangements.

Valentines Day: 4 Days Left!

10 February, 2015

Worldwide, over 50 million roses are given for Valentine’s Day each year. Every one of those are a powerful international symbol, representing love, care and an expression of affection.

When choosing the perfect rose to represent these feelings, our artisan flower arrangers focus on the quality of every petal and stem. Our attention to detail is unparalleled, guaranteeing that every inch of every rose delivers on its promise to share the depth of your emotion with your special someone.

With four days left until Valentines, time is ticking to find your perfect bouquet!

Flowers are for Valentines, Memories are Forever

09 February, 2015

The red rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. At College Road Florists, we cultivate classic red, baby pink, pearl white and sunrise yellow roses and arrange them into beautiful expressions of love. A rose may be for Valentines, but the feelings of warmth, caring and joy last a lifetime. Free delivery included.

Valentines Day: 5 Days Left...

08 February, 2015

With only five days left until Valentines Day, take the time to consider the ideal bouquet that matches the personality of your loved one. For a bubbly and vibrant arrangement, our Cutie Pie bouquet is perfect. For a bouquet of towering elegance and style, Ivory Romance and Purple Elegance fit the bill exactly. For a deeply romantic testament that is sure to impress, the Classic Dozen and Cupid’s Arrow are sure fire successes.

With five days until your special day, the right bouquet for the right person is essential for a perfect gift.

Free delivery guaranteed. 


The Valentines Countdown Begins...

07 February, 2015

Only 7 days left until Valentines! Take the time to consider the ideal bouquet for your special someone. Whether it's a vibrant white lily, a classic rose or an elegant tulip, there's an arrangement to suit everyone's style.

Our Valentines selection is second to none and is sure to send hearts racing and eyes twinkle with delight.

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